Unbelievable: Prophet Odumeje (Indaboski) Source Of Power Has finally Been Revealed

 A famous Nigerian prophet who calls himself a metal bar, the lion himself, Ndabosky-bahose, the famous Prophet, has revealed the source of his wealth.

In a video currently circulating on social media, Pastor Odumeje was asked in Igbo language to reveal the source of his wealth and his ability to perform miracles.

The pastor put the story in the bible where the fish gave Peter money, pointing out that God is the source of his riches and there is nothing man can do about it.

Unbelievable” Prophet Odumeje (Indaboski) Source Of Power Has Been Revealed

The pastor said that God is a rich God and that He gives His riches to anyone who serves Him. Just as he gave it to Solomon.

He said soliciting tithes from members was a criminal act and did not have time to do so.

He does not tithe to his members, and members of his congregation can testify to it,

According to him, his business shows the power of God that God first showed through him, Indabosky.

The actor, who was accompanied by short-lived photographs in Uju, has denied allegations circulating on the internet that his wife was the daughter of the late Eddy Nawgu, a well-known and well-known prophet and magician.

Because of his infamous reputation and the suspicious rise of Prophet Odumeje despite his unusual preaching methods, many people believe that he received spiritual help from his wife who they believe is Nagu’s daughter.

Prophet Odumeje (Indaboski) and his wife in a photoshoot

Yes, Edochie in his explanation made it clear that Odumeje’s power came from God and not from his wife, who was not Naugu’s daughter.

Please guide us as we take these prayers!

Lord thank you for my life, provision and protection.

I pray that you will direct what I hear, what I see and at the same time what I say with my mouth.

Grant me the grace to serve you and to obey your words, bless the words that come out of my mouth and bless my soul in Jesus’ Name,


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