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Real Tony One Week Biography, Age, Real Name, Wife, Children, Politics Career


This is the real biography of Tony one week. Tony Mounagor, famously known as Tony One Week, is a remarkable Nigerian entertainer who defied conventions by transitioning from a thriving career in the entertainment industry to making a significant mark in the world of politics.

Early Life and Background

Born into a world of possibilities, Tony Mounagor’s early life provided him with the foundation to explore various avenues of talent and passion. While specifics about his upbringing remain hidden, it’s evident that his diverse talents were evident from an early age.

Acting Debut and Nollywood Journey

In the year 1997, the curtains lifted on Tony’s journey into the world of acting. It was this very year that paved the path for his eventual Nollywood debut in 1998. The momentous occasion occurred during an audition for “Betrayer 2” at Ajao Estate, where fate introduced Tony to the renowned Kenneth Okonkwo. The encounter wasn’t just a chance meeting but a pivotal turn in his career, as he was offered the role of a minister in the Igbo film. This was a role he portrayed with such conviction that he even borrowed his brother-in-law’s babariga to embody the character authentically.

Musical Talents Unveiled

Beyond his acting prowess, Tony unveiled another facet of his talents – his mesmerizing singing voice. A collaboration with the legendary 2Face Idibia resulted in a chart-topping track that echoed through the airwaves. However, Tony’s musical journey had its roots in his university days as a member of the Kegite Club. It was here that Christian songs transformed into gyration tunes, foreshadowing his unique approach to music.

Emergence as a Songwriter

Post his appearance in “Betrayer 2,” Tony’s evolution as a songwriter gained momentum. Professionally penning down lyrics that resonated with listeners, he collaborated with Stanley Okorie, a renowned Gospel artist. This partnership served as a testament to Tony’s versatility in both the secular and spiritual domains of music.

Notable Songs and Achievements

A trail of remarkable songs was left in Tony One Week’s wake, each carrying a distinct essence. From the infectious “Gyration Reloaded” to the reflective “Ife Di Nma,” Tony’s discography reverberated with diversity. His impact on the music industry wasn’t just confined to catchy tunes but extended to lyrical depth that resonated with his audience.

Venturing into Politics

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The year 2005 marked a new chapter in Tony’s narrative as he ventured into the intricate world of politics. Crossing the threshold, he aligned himself with the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). With time, his dedication and fervor propelled him to the position of Minority Leader in the Anambra State House of Assembly, Awka.

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Personal Life and Marriage

While Tony One Week’s spotlight often shone on his career, his personal life remained relatively private. His union with his wife, the details of which remain undisclosed, was sealed in 1999. Interestingly, this chapter of his life unfolded after his performance at the esteemed Benson & Hedges show, a monumental event in Nigeria’s cultural tapestry.

Diverse Journey of Talents

In retrospection, Tony Mounagor’s journey from entertainment to politics paints a canvas of versatility. His ability to seamlessly transition between these diverse domains speaks volumes about his inherent capabilities. His journey serves as an inspiration, highlighting the boundless potential that lies within individuals who dare to explore various facets of their talents.


In the tapestry of Nigerian entertainment and politics, Tony One Week’s presence is an intricate thread that weaves together captivating performances and meaningful contributions. His foray into both realms exemplifies the power of one individual to bring about change, influence, and lasting impact.


What led Tony One Week to transition from entertainment to politics?

Tony’s desire to make a broader impact and contribute to societal change drove his transition from entertainment to politics. His passion for transformation on a larger scale guided this journey.

Can you provide more details about Tony’s musical collaborations?

Tony collaborated with 2Face Idibia and Gospel artist Stanley Okorie. These partnerships resulted in chart-topping hits and showcased his versatility across different genres.

How did Tony’s upbringing influence his career choices?

While specific details are limited, Tony’s upbringing undoubtedly fostered an environment of creativity, curiosity, and diverse exploration, which laid the foundation for his multifaceted career.

What role did the Kegite Club play in Tony’s musical style?

The Kegite Club introduced Tony to the art of transforming Christian songs into gyration tunes. This experience significantly influenced his musical style, infusing it with a distinctive rhythm and energy.

How did Tony’s involvement in politics impact his entertainment career?

Tony’s involvement in politics brought him to a new platform where his voice could influence policies and societal change.
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